Cargo Services

Cargo Services

20 March, 2020 Sin categoría 0

Any merchandise transported as general or containerized cargo may receive damages and / or breakdowns during the sea or land journey that travel from the port of origin to its final destination. When this occurs and also when there are missing or surpluses, the presence of an independent third party is necessary to rule with absolute impartiality on the nature, cause, place and extent of the damages that have occurred.

Intermar, SA, retakes its position in the national and international market, under the modality of the Origin-Destination service, in a strategic alliance with commercial partners of similar profile from different countries of the world, covering the demands of the Cuban importers, taking into account the need for the protection of their merchandise.

As an added value of these inspections we provide:

  • Photos and videos with high resolution digital cameras.

  • Filming of the closures of the containers at origin and their openings at destination.

  • Remarking of packages with seals with the company logo.

  • Use of an ftp site that allows to review in 48 hours the documents related to the inspection and its preliminary results.

  • Inspection reports endorsed by the standards established in the Quality Procedures certified by NC-ISO 9001.



Scope of services: