Services to the Agricultural Sector.

Services to the Agricultural Sector.

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Services to the Agricultural Sector.

One of the most useful lines of services for the national economy are preventive and breakdown inspections, as well as risk analysis and appraisals of the agricultural sector, which are described below:



  • Preventive Inspections.

    Determination and analysis of each of the pure risks that can cause losses. Recommendations are made to minimize them. It is mainly aimed at the control of claims, policies with high risk values ​​and the attention to policyholders.



  • Risk analysis.

    Evaluation of the conditions under which an Insurance will be arranged. This service also allows checking compliance with current regulations for the exploitation of the property for which protection is requested.



  • Agricultural appraisals.

    Determination of the nature, cause, conditions and extent of the damages associated with a certain incident. In the case of adjustments, it is determined whether or not there is coverage for the damages claimed by the insured and what is the amount to be compensated.



  • Verification of Documentation for Insurance Policies.

    All the data of the policies issued by the National Insurance Company (ESEN), held by the insured, are checked. It also includes verification of all documents related to the claims process.